The quality policy of Energietechnik GmbH Einsal is fully geared towards the fulfilment of our customer’s requirements. Especially in times of globalisation, we want to offer our clients customised, high-quality solutions which set us decisively apart from the international competition.

In connection with the conformity of the customer’s product specifications we also assure the unconditional compliance of promised delivery dates. The motivation of our employees and the functionality of our processes are ultimately geared towards the achievement of these objectives.

We ensure that our parts are manufactured right first time, to customer specification, on time and at the right cost.

Our processes are regularly monitored by internal and external audits.

For quality control of our products CMM, MPI, PT, Spectrographic analysis and other instruments are available, and operated by highly trained and qualified personnel.

The education and accreditation of employees is carried out by external certifying Authorities.