About us

Precision, reliability, technical competence and technological leadership are always the key factors for success in the manufacture of complex components for turbine production. In addition to experience with metal cutting and machining processes and the use of the very latest cnc technology, what really matters when it comes to superlative results is top quality throughout. The collaboration with our parent company, Walzwerke Einsal GmbH, with its many years of experience in the production of highly heat resisting special steels for the manufacture of turbine blades, makes Energietechnik Einsal into a unique "one-stop-shop" with a seamless quality control system. Right from the raw materials up to the finished machined turbine blade that is ready for installation.

This unique combination if various forms of know-how transforms ETE into your "partner in power". Our Status as a medium sized company with no corporate affiliation in connection with our financial solidity quarantees a maximum degree of flexibility - both in the handling of large projects and also for small production runs down to individual components. This flexibility has made ETE into one of the leading independent makers of turbine blades and in our capacity as a partner we enjoy the confidence and trust of all the leading companies in turbine construction.